Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Hundred and One

We are not talking Dalmatians here. We are speaking of a birthday.

Today we attended the 101st birthday of Aunt Eleanor. Eleanor was married to my mother's brother. (In case you were wondering about the longevity genes.)  We attended her one hundredth birthday last year. I do believe we will be attending her hundred and second birthday next year.

Aunt Eleanor seemed to enjoy her party.

This is her beautiful granddaughter, Cathy.

These are her favorite nieces and nephews. (Actually, she didn't say that. I just said it because it's my blog.)

A surprise letter had arrived. It was from Rick Perry. No one in the family had any idea why it came. Apparently, when you are over a hundred your name pops up on a state database. Or, maybe it only happens during an election year.  We just don't know.

Actually, the letter was very nice. It recognized her for her years of being a citizen of Texas and helping to make it the great state that it is today.

Or maybe Rick Perry just knows a sweet lady when he sees one.

Happy Birthday, Eleanor.

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