Monday, January 9, 2012

A Place in the Sun and A Place for Old People

We got back from a golf trip to Palm Springs, CA. last night. We called our kids to let them know we were home safely (actually Michelle called to check on us before we called her). I can’t remember what was being said in the conversation with Joanie, but she commented that she knew Palm Springs was for old people. She had seen it on I Love Lucy once. This struck me as really funny, because even though Joanie watched a lot of I Love Lucy reruns, she never remembers anything I ask her about her youth. Since, I was going to write about this, I googled the show this morning to see if I could find a photo from a Palm Springs episode. I actually felt like there would be several, but there was only one episode filmed in Palm Springs. Out of all those I Love Lucy’s, how could Joanie remember that one? 
Of course, all of that really has nothing to do with our trip, except that, yes, there are old people in Palm Springs. To prove that fact, we even held an impromptu shuffleboard tournament one evening with our friends. Barry and I rocked that game!
We played three great rounds of golf while we were in Palm Springs with Terri and Robert. (They, by the way, are not old.)

Terri & Robert
Personally, when I say great golf, I am saying the weather was fabulous and the courses were gorgeous. I’m not saying anything about my golf. 
On our day of arrival, we visited the Joshua Tree National Forest, home of Joshua trees and rock climbers.

A Daredevil

I have to admit, I did not know what a Joshua Tree was (a type of yucca). They were selling these little packages of Joshua Tree seeds, and I bought some for the grand kids. The kids are going to be so excited, because after I purchased them the Ranger showed me a photo of how fast they grow. There may initially be a few sprouts, but it really won’t look like a plant for sixteen years. Hang in there, kiddos. 
Barry was also able to purchase his Senior National Park Lifetime Pass.  It’s the best deal in the USA. 
That evening we attended the street fair. There are interesting items there. Most of the people attending the fair, bring their dogs. But, some people brings their birds.

Friday we played golf and later in the day rode the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up Chino Canyon. Lesser people could not have made that walk from the parking lot to the visitor center. (Note to self, you are close to being one of those lesser people.) 

View from the mountain

Saturday afternoon, after finishing our round at Mission Hills, we met up with the Ray/Stones and the Wrights. They had rented a house, and we headed over to their place to grill some hamburgers and play shuffleboard. 

Mission Hills, Dinah Shore Tournament Course

Sunday, the inevitable happened when two senior citizens in Palm Springs are driving. They backed into one another. But, the day still went according to plan, and we arrived back home in Texas that evening to tell about it. 

Indian Wells

Indian Wells

A good time was had by all. 


  1. The kids will love their tree seeds; kids are patient. :)
    I have thirty in my classroom for indoor release right now, and they are "patiently" and "silently" waiting to go home for the day.

  2. Great post, Jamma. Looks like the weather was wonderful. Who cares what the scores were?

  3. Looks like fun. & very pretty!

  4. I also really like your hair and had to steal that picture of you and dad behind the branch for keeping.