Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy 2012 to everyone.

I wasn't going to post any New Year Resolutions, but Joanie pointed out to Barry and I that we act like old people when it comes to the television remote. So, I am going to try to not argue with Barry about remote usage and hoarding.

I wish that I had a more riveting blog for the beginning of the New Year. But, "no news is good news", correct? What I do have to write about is just good, old fun, with friends and quiet times at home. There is nothing wrong with that, but probably won't win any Pulitzer prize.  

2011 ended with a Murder Mystery Party with friends. The game was a last minute thought suggested by Jorj L. A couple of days ago Ellen mentioned it to me, and I told her I thought I had an unopened one of those games and would bring it over. (I saw it when we moved. I remembered thinking "how long had we had this game" when I put it in the game cabinet. You would think if I had something that long, and hadn't used it I wouldn't have moved it. I am thinking another resolution should be made here.)

Since the game was a last minute decision, we all just assumed our characters on the spot. The best actor award went to Mike L. for his portrayal of Sven the Ventriloquist. He was able to assume a Swedish accent, later change to German, and finished with an Italian flair. Apparently Bennie, the dummy, had a varied, ethnic heritage.

Mike S, Robert, Barry, Mike L.

Ellen, Jorj L. , Jan, Terri
The murderer was revealed just after the New Year began.

Today has been a day of some work (for Barry) and rest for me. Laughter wears me out. We enjoyed a superb "Good Luck" lunch hosted by friends. That means I have not had to cook today. Woo Hoo! What a great beginning to 2012.

Now we are watching the Cowboy game. Unfortunately, things are not going well for the boys.

Barry could be the announcer. He says something, then the announcers say the same thing. Plus, he has the remote and is going back and forth between the game and The Deadly Women Holiday Marathon on the Discovery Channel.  He looks a little scared.

But, I am not saying a word, because I would hate to break my resolution fifteen minutes after declaring it.


  1. The Cowboys must not have ha a chance to eat a "good luck" lunch!

  2. That last comment was me - Miles was just signed into his account...