Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colonoscope, Boots, and Broken Glass

What does a colonoscope, boots, and broken glass have to do with each other? They were all part of our week last week. Barry had scheduled a routine colonoscope for himself last Thursday. Everything was hunky-dory. I have the pictures to prove it, if you are interested. This planning on Barry's part proved to be fortuitous.

Barry also planned a birthday celebration for me with all the kids and grand kids. Who knew he was such a planner? Since it becomes increasingly difficult to get everyone together, this past weekend was chosen for my early birthday celebration. Brett suggested the rodeo, arrangements were made, and all I had to do was wait for Saturday.

The ten o'clock performance was chosen since we had four little ones with us. We soon discovered that everyone with little ones attends activities that begin at 10:00am. (Brett and Joanie knew this, of course) My only regret for the day is that I didn't take a photo of the stroller check-in.

We made it to our seats and Ben showed respect to our country during the National Anthem.

Besides the rodeo performance, the kids enjoyed some cotton candy.

While Jacob waited in line to retrieve the stroller, we had enough time to take some pictures. Okay, I have another regret. I wish someone had told me to brush my hair and put on lipstick.

Ben had helped Scarlett with her outfit for the rodeo. He suggested she borrow his belt.

Ava had brand new pink boots. Scarlett decided hers were made out of cat fur. (If you are a client and are reading this, they are most definitely not made of cat fur.)

Barry and Lucy looked at some animals in the Children's Barnyard.

Ben just looked cute. 

Shannon's dad was working at one of the exhibits, so we stopped by to see him. 

We all enjoyed a little break by that time. 

Later at our house we continued the celebration with dinner, cake, and games. A glass was accidentally knocked off the counter. You cannot believe how it shattered. Here it is three days later, and I am still finding shards. 

Even though the candle says, "Ageless," Ava said we were celebrating my "last birthday." We are hoping she is not one of those people who can see into the future. 

But just in case, I didn't feel a bit quilty about eating that cake. 

Around two thirty or three on Sunday morning, Barry and I awoke to hear the bath water running upstairs and Ava crying. Barry started upstairs then turned around and came back to bed. He recalled that bathing a child in the wee hours of the morning is never a good sign, and decided her parents were more than capable of handling whatever was happening.

Poor Ava, (and Joanie and Jacob), she had awoken with a stomach virus. Joanie has declared that only Angel Food cake will be served for birthdays in the future. Due to the colonoscope a few days earlier, I had a refrigerator full of jello, sprite, and gatorade for Ava. I even sent a little plastic trash can for her to take in the car. It came in handy, I heard. Unfortunalty, Jacob had to sleep with it the next night.

These were just the final loads of laundry. Joanie had already started some during the night. 

The Esparza's are on the road to recovery. I haven't heard from the rest of the family, so I am assuming they are all okay at this point. 

I had a great birthday and thank my lucky stars for my family. The preparedness due to the colonoscope, the fun of the rodeo (did you know I am a cowgirl at heart?), and the amazement at how far glass can shatter were just icing on the cake. 


  1. I love that picture of Ava and Scarlett against the brick wall (well, I love all of the pictures, but that one is tops!). So sorry Ava got sick while she was there.

    Hey, I recognize that bracelet! :)

    Have a very happy birthday, whenever it actually is!!!!

    1. PS-My daughter, Joanie, took the photo of Ava and Scarlett. She takes the best photographs.

  2. Happy Birthday Jan. You look wonderful!

    Glad you had such a great birthday!


  3. I think you look great without a comb or lipstick. I sure wish that was what I was doing again today! Let's just keep celebrating :)

  4. I agree with Michelle. You look beautiful. We had a great time. I think the girls are onto something. If they don't sleep it feels like our visit is twice as long. :).