Monday, January 17, 2011

A Random List

This is just a random list to catch up on some of the going-ons around the BrierPatch.

1. I will be a Pisces forever.

2. How cute is it for a two year old to be in her room singing "it's our time to sing together" even though she is supposed to be taking a nap?
3. How difficult is it to spend the afternoon with a two year old that didn't take a nap?
4. Everyone loves an iPad.

5. There might be winners in the wall paint color category.
6. Need sunshine to look at paint colors and know for sure. Does this mean I must wait until March?
7. Barry doing a great job getting both houses ready. Who knew he just needed me to be gone for an extended time?
8. How wonderful it is to have a newborn sleep in your arms.

9. How many times a day can a two year old drop something?

A colored goldfish disaster.

10.Happy 100th Birthday to Aunt Eleanor- you are a beautiful lady.


  1. A response to your random list.

    1. I will be a sagittarius forever. Not this new sign I can't even pronounce!
    2. Pretty cute until about 6:30 PM.
    3. Depends on if you wanted to answer the same question 100 times or listen to whining. If that is what you had in mind for the afternoon, then not that difficult.
    4. Agreed. I do have to admit that I have gotten a lot more done now that I have been just trying to read the Internet on my small iPhone. :)
    5. We need details please!
    6. I hope not. We had a sun teaser yesterday. Now it is overcast and drizzly. Boo!
    7. Anytime you want him to get more done you are welcome here.
    8. It is AMAZING.
    9. This number is so high it is impossible to count. Remember that the number increases significantly when said toddler sings in her room instead of naps.
    10. Happy Birthday Eleanor. I hope to have a 100th birthday party someday as well!

  2. I am a cancer, or I have some explaining to do about being as emotional/sensitive as I am! I wish I could hold sleeping Lucy right now and loved your post. Looking forward to seeing the house again tomorrow.