Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's the Little Things

When Barry and I were engaged, we were out shopping one evening before our wedding. I guess salespeople noticed the engagement ring, or more than likely, we told them we were getting married soon, because all evening people had been telling us congratulations.

One of our last stops that evening was a shoe store.  The salesman that waited on us was a young man (a few years younger than us). When the subject of our impending marriage came up, he said, "Oh, you are getting married."

We waited for the congratulatory remarks to follow, but instead, in a very serious tone, he said, "I'm going to tell you something about marriage. You know those little things that don't bother you much right now?
They drive you crazy after awhile."

Barry and I laughed all the way to the car about his remark. But, to this day that was some of the best bits of marriage advice we received. Of course, we can drive each other crazy, but we have this story to bring up and remind ourselves it IS a little thing. Then, Robert Earl Keen wrote a song, called It's The Little Things, so we can even sing about it.

All this being said, I am now going to share a little thing that has been going on since we moved into this house.

For some reason, Barry does not close this closet door all the way. I have to walk by it going in and out of our bedroom. Yes, I just close it as I walk by, but I just don't get why he doesn't close it. It is definitely a little thing.

(Of course, I know I am opening the door for a Barry Rebuttal.)


  1. So normally I make it a policy to remain neutral in all matters of family controversy. But on this issue, I have to say to Barry - I totally unserstand! Brett too shares your frustrations jan with my inability to fully close a door. I prefer to see it this way.... Barry and I view life through the lense of never fully closing the door - always leaving life "open" for possibilities. The harsh sound of a slammed door or even that clicking sound that the door makes when it catches is so unnerving to me. Conversely, I do agree that a room looks better with all doors closed, and yet I keep leaving them ajar. I think there is underlying meaning.

  2. Oh that's hilarious philosophizing. All I know is that I leave my closet door cracked so that it is not even louder in the morning, when I am getting ready. What do the psychologists have to say about that!?

  3. All I can say is this: "GET OVER IT!"
    ps: why don't you squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom & roll it up? Huh, answer that!

  4. Bob doesn't close the jewelry studio/laundry room door, ever...and that means cats get it there and walk around on the workbench, knocking things around and leaving stupid cat hair everywhere. He also will not close the shower curtain after he gets out of the shower. How hard is that?

    Barry, close the door!!