Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Birds and The Briers

This afternoon as I was sitting in my office, I heard birds flying over. I could tell there were a lot of them, and they sounded like a species of blackbirds. When the commotion didn't stop, I decided to head outside with my camera and see what was going on.

Now it was time for this group to take off.

Since blackbirds tend to flock together, I wasn't surprised to see them. However, I was surprised at their numbers. There were hundreds of them. It was also interesting to watch them fly together. It was almost like they were taking turns crossing the street to the other side of the golf course. A group would land in the trees. Then, they would fly over and another group would come in and land in the trees.

I don't know if they were just crossing the golf course or heading south. But, they are gone now.

A little while later, Ben called to tell me that the Zoo Keeper at the zoo had given he and Scarlett, macaw feathers. They had also watched the keeper feed the Roadrunners and the Kingfishers.

I find it interesting that we were both paying attention to the birds this afternoon. That's the kind of thing that I ponder on a Tuesday afternoon.

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