Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winds-help Us Out

After a good night's sleep (with AC), we started our day with a walk on the beach. There were all kinds of shorebirds for Barry to key out. The pelicans were enjoying the strong winds that seem to be consuming Texas. But for our purposes, we need those winds to come out of the north tomorrow. That would cause a "fallout" and that would be something to witness.

Bingo enjoyed his walk on the beach.

The ocean is pretty rough right now.

On the way back from the beach, we came across this centipede.
Gives me shivers down my spine.

This reminds me of a story, but I will save it for another time.

Next we headed to two main birding areas. The first one has some resident alligators, and I barely escaped.

Disappointedly, we didn't see the alligator that usually hangs out under the boardwalk or as many birds as we had hoped today. We only have sixty-one species so far. However, we still enjoyed our day and the birds we did see. Here are a few more photos from today.

The End

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  1. Sounds like y'all are having a good time! Hope it continues!