Sunday, April 3, 2011

Out Like a Lamb?

You know the saying, March, In like a lion, Out like a lamb. Well March is out and the wind was like a lion today. That has nothing to do with this post, but I am still recovering from the wind.

I shouldn't have even been out in the wind. I was supposed to be at a yoga workshop, but earlier in the week, I pulled my hamstring. Forward bends were killing me and causing me to put too much pressure on my other leg. Walking and standing don't bother me too much, but trying to stand on one leg, balancing, and bending forward are not doable at the moment. I spent yesterday with an ice pack.

So why was I out in the wind, you might ask. We went to the Ranger game and watched them sweep the Red Sox.

But,  earlier this morning, Barry gathered up some balls for me,

and I took a picture of some azaleas beginning to bloom in my backyard.

The golf balls will come in handy as I am leaving on a ladies golf trip. I think if I can keep my feet planted and get someone to pick up my ball for me on the green, the hamstring will be fine. I'll send pictures.


  1. That wind is just getting worse. Sounds like our house will blow away overnight.

    Have fun on your golf trip...careful of the hamstring and the wind!

  2. The wind and my allergies are both on my nerves! Pretty flowers in your backyard. Hope your hamstring feels better soon!