Saturday, April 23, 2011

River Road News

We left Port Aransas yesterday morning for New Braunfels. We made one quick stop on the way, as did this onion truck.

We met Jerry and Kathy Berger at a campsite along the Guadalupe. Jerry and Barry ventured out on the kayaks. Kathy and I read blogs and enjoyed quiet time.

The river is very low. In fact, it is so low the guys said it was actually warm. They had never felt it so tepid. It is nice to be back among trees and fresh water though.

After, kayaking Barry dazzled the Bergers with some card tricks. The balloon animals did not go so well. Barry was able to make a turtle and a parrot on a swing, but Snoopy on a Bicycle frustrated him.

There are many, many families camping in the campsite we are staying in, and Jerry, Kathy, and I thought Barry should go make balloons for the children. But, he was content to make them for us.

Jerry cooked breakfast for us ( and dinner last night).

Some children did come by and visit with us this morning. They brought their dog, Pingo. Bingo and Pingo had a great time playing. I would like to take Pingo home. He is a really cute mix or should I say Designer Dog?

Today we headed to Canyon Lake

and visited with Jerry and Kathy's neighbor, Mary. She was out working in her spectacular garden.

She gave us basil before we left.

This thistle was not in Mary's yard. I just like thistle blooms.

We went to the dam, then back to the campsite for lunch. You have to eat a lot to relax by the river. It's a rule.

Right before lunch, we were visited by this baby mouse. He must have heard us talking about lunch.

Barry and Jerry are off to kayak again. Bingo, Kathy, and I are guarding the campsite (i.e. Relaxing).

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