Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Day

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Catherine and William were married today. What you may not know is that

Joanie and Jacob were married this day five years ago. I don't think Joanie looked any less regal than Catherine. ( yes I am her mother, but, I am totally objective! Really)

In fact, the royal family has had events on some of our special dates for years. First, Prince William was born on Brett's birthday. Then, Diana's car crash happened on the evening of Michelle's big thirteenth birthday party. ( I realize she certainly would have not wanted this to happen.) Now, the wedding.

I hope Will and Kate will be as happy as J and J,

and have lots of little princesses! Happy Anniversary, Joanie and Jacob.


  1. Happy Anniversary J&J! I think Joanie's prettier too, and she's not my daughter! :)

  2. No question Joanie is prettier! Happy anniversary to J & J....your wedding was just beautiful and none of the ladies had to wear a ridiculous hat!