Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day Two

"What happened on day one?" you are probably asking yourself. We left Monday morning for Houston to visit our grandchildren and go to a Seder at Barry's cousin's home.

Barry and his brother, Mike

Brett, Shannon, Ben, and Scarlett got to Joanie and Jacob's about the same time we did. Jacob was on his way to Corpus Christi for a deposition. He claims that the fact he is called out of town every time we come to Houston is coincidental. I can't help but recall how Barry would go out and begin cleaning out the garage when my family was coming over. Is there some son- in - law pact I am not aware off? All joking aside, we missed Jacob and I know he missed us. Right Jacob?

Our plan was to sleep in the RV at Joanie's last night. We had done it before, and it was fine. However, that was in the winter and yesterday it was 90 degrees in Houston. For you none RVers, you need a 30 amp plug for an RV our size. Barry tried to plug in thinking he could fool the electrical gods, but it blew the house fuse. As the realization of no A /C set in, I headed into the house to sleep. So it was fortuitous that Jacob was out of town. Barry slept in the RV. He would not admit that he was uncomfortable. However about 10:00am, this is how we found him.

The kids, thirty something's and grandkids went to the park. Lucy and I stayed at the house for baby and Jama time.

Around lunchtime today, we all headed out to our respective destinations. Barry and I began our journey to Port Aransas. First stop was a Whole Foods in Sugarland. I wish I had taken a picture of it. It had waterfalls and fountains outside plus a play area for kids. While Barry was scoping out the best route out of the parking lot, I was fixing our lunch. When I turned on the water faucet that he had fixed this morning, the handle came totally off. I had to stick my finger in it like the little Dutch boy and the dike, until Barry returned. The faucet handle was fixed and we were off again.

About three miles from the ferry we heard a strange sound from the RV or jeep. We still don't know what it was, but Barry says he hopes whatever it is that it doesn't break until we get home. Comforting, huh?

We are now at our favorite RV park in Aransas Pass. As Barry was hooking everything up, he realized he had misplaced the jeep keys. After double and triple searches in the RV and the jeep, he found them in the electrical outlet box. Do we see a pattern here?
All you none RVers stay tuned, because the fun is just beginning. All you RVers, I know you feel our pain.

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  1. Sorry for all the "fixes" and other poorly written sentences. I need more experience editing on the iPad blog application.

  2. I loved hearing about the trip so far! Y'all are funny!