Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Ties

The last day of camping finished with a Good Samaritan act from the Berger/Brier campsite. In the afternoon, Barry and Jerry kayaked down the river in the other direction hoping to find deeper water. Unfortunately, like the rest of the state, the area is dry, and the Guadalupe is low.

At lunch we had wondered if the very few people "floating" the river had been told how low it was from the rental companies. Later that afternoon, three rafts appeared. They were being pulled by their adult occupants and children. One of the men asked if we knew how far it was to their rental place. The two young families had been told it would take them about two hours to reach it when they were dropped off. They were at four hours with still a mile to go. (which at their current speed, was close to another two hours)

We told them they could stop at our camp, and we would get them to their rental spot. The men were thinking about it, but the moms and kids were out and heading to shore faster than a speeding Easter Bunny.

The group had had to walk almost the whole way. They did not have their river shoes. One of the men said before they left Corpus his mother had reminded him to take river shoes, but he thought they would just be floating. He said, " She's smiling right now and doesn't even know why."

The nine year old girl commenced telling us that it was her birthday and one of the other girl's birthday. She also informed us that only the boys had cried. She got a guitar and the river float was her "party." She asked where we were from and told us she was from Corpus Christi. She also said they were staying in #1 and #2. Her dad laughed and asked her if she had told us the name of the place they were staying. It was the Heidelberg. They stay there every year and couldn't wait to get back to it.

This girl was a cutie.
Note to Ben- I think you and she could rule the world if you got together. Keep an eye out for this older woman over the next few years at the Heidelberg.

About the Heidelberg-
Maybe one day my daughter-in-law will write a guest post about the Heidelberg.

Barry drove one dad to the rental spot to get the employees to come pick up the rafts and families. After the birthday girls gave us hugs, the families loaded up their rafts and ten pair of rock-bruised feet.

The moral to this story, help others and ALWAYS listen to your mother.
Happy Easter, everyone.

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