Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paint and Poop

Cabinets Before
Before the ice and snow hit the metroplex, we had the new house painted and made a quick trip to Houston. My lips are also chapped but that has nothing to do with this post.

The Paint Part:
Last week, Southern Painting, spent the week painting our new house. They did a great job and were very patient with me as I still had some colors to try out. Luckily, the weather was good, and, as always, they got the job finished in a timely manner. 

Dining Room
Living room looking through to breakfast area
This is the inside of the pantry door with a chalkboard for notes.

The Poop Part:

On Friday, Barry, Bingo, and I headed to Houston to babysit Lucy and Ava. Jacob and Joanie had a wedding and were busy Friday and Saturday. We left on Friday and drove the RV, aka, Cozy Cottage to Houston. Joanie no longer has an extra bedroom, and the RV needed to be driven. We parked it in their driveway, and mainly only used it to sleep. Of course, we had to hang out in it a little with Ava every day. She soon knew how to turn on the lights and the television. It is amazing what a two year old can learn in a few minutes.

Lucy and Barry spent a lot of time together over the weekend. She seemed to really like her 'Poppy'.
I do believe the feeling was mutual.

Barry, Ava, and Lucy were playing in the backyard when Barry and Ava stepped into some poop. Since Barry was holding Lucy, I was the lucky one that got to clean their shoes. Ava had a brand new pair of tennis shoes that are very cute but have a million little crevices in the soles. I am not sure Barry changed any diapers either.
Great Uncle Mike visited too.

Ava attended a birthday party. A magician did some magic for the two year olds, and she came home with this hat. She and Barry spent some time practicing magic tricks. "Where's Ava?"

 There she is!

Even though we hated to leave those cutie patootie girls, we headed home on Sunday. 
Then, of course, the bad weather hit here and chapped my lips. 


  1. I am so, so sorry to hear that your lips are chapped! Take care of mom says that Neosporin lip stuff they've been advertising lately is really good. :)

    The house is looking lovely with the new paint job. I especially like the darker ceilings. I've always wanted to paint our ceilings in different colors, but Fred is against it, for some reason. I'd especially like the master bedroom ceiling to be lavender (the walls are a pale grayish green).

    So glad you had mostly fun with Ava and Lucy, except for the poop.

  2. I LOVE the paint; it looks great! So jealous you got to see the sweet babies!