Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Barry and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. We like to think of every day as Valentine's Day. Can I hear a collective "Aww" or gag?

However, two Valentine's days do come to mind. One was years ago when Barry presented me with a half, heart shaped box of candy that he and Chris bought and cut with a necropsy knife at the clinic. There are many messages I picked up from that gift, but I will not psychoanalyze them all here today.

One of the great things about not celebrating the obligatory day is when there is a surprise gift given. My favorite is this little painting that Barry did for me for Valentine's Day one year.

What is your favorite Valentine's Day memory? Share it here on the blog, and you will be entered in a drawing for a $10.00 Itunes gift card.


1. You must comment on the blog. (not by email)  If you don't want to set up the google account, just post anonymously and sign your name in the comment box after your comment. If you have trouble doing it, then send me the email, and I will post it for you.

2. A random drawing will be held.

3. The contest closes Wednesday at 6:00pm CST.


  1. Jay and I used to make a token attempt to celebrate Vanlentine's Day, but we don't even put that pressure on each other anymore. I used to get cards for him, but he is not a 'card giver', so I finally decided he didn't care if he got one from me or not. When he worked...many years ago :) he would stop somewhere on his way home and pick up a rose or a small vase of flowers and a card. One particular 'rose' I remember was one from a gas station store that was a single 'velvet' rose. I think I still have it. So...does that qualify for the drawing?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. The Valentine's Day after Ava was born Jacob surprised me with this James Avery ring I had been wanting. We never do gifts on Valentine's Day so it was sweet. I had shown it to him before Christmas.

    I also really have enjoyed this Valentine's Day. Ava has loved coloring her Valentines'. It is so funny to see how excited she has gotten for all 3 of the V-Day parties we have gone too. I love holidays with a 2 year old! Oh, and she made a Valentine's Day card at school and came home and told me she made it for me, daddy & baby Lucy!

  3. My favorite Valentine memory was my first one with Brett. He picked me up for a fancy dinner (I had chosen the venue) wearing a t-shirt. He complained through the entire dinner about how I could make food better than this, and how he wished I'd just cooked instead. Needless to say, the evening progressed into an argument. But we realized that a successful relationship would be built on learning how to handle un-met expectations (on both of our parts). Every Valentine's day we laugh about that night.
    Tonight we celebrated with our two children by making heart shaped strawberry mini cakes and decorating them. I am a lucky lady.

  4. I enjoy Valentine's Day but don't know that I've had a favorite one, and Miles usually does a great job making me feel special by sending me flowers at work. This year was no exception. Last night, we cooked something new together. We have found we enjoy doing the cooking together, which is a special gift on days other than Vday, too!