Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Else Can I Sell?

Barry and I have been going back and forth about the dryer and washer that came with our new house. I wanted them out of there, and he (should I say it?) was procrastinating.
He did move them out of the house yesterday (with the help of Tom F) and tried to sell them to people driving down the street going to an Estate Sale in the neighborhood. I am sure our new neighbors were impressed. We had some interest, but the dryer was gas and our prospects needed electric. The Estate Sale people were really nice and told us to put them on Craigslist. (Should I say that is what I suggested we do around the beginning of 2011?) By, we, I  actually mean I was hoping Barry would do it.  

Last night around 8:30pm I decided to place the Washer and Dryer on Craigslist myself. (Do any other married couples relate to this avoidance of completing the task in hopes that the other person will complete it ?) I had photos I had taken of them and their model numbers. At 9:00pm, I asked Barry to check his email and see if anyone had responded. 

As he was, checking and saying, "No one is going to look at it until tomorrow" (which I totally think was a throw back in his mind to the Sunday paper classified), there was an email. Barry called the person and at 9:40am this morning, the washer and dryer were paid for and picked up. Barry even threw in a tie down for the man. 

Now I am inspired. Maybe I should just put my house on Craigslist. 


  1. Put your house on Craigslist and ask for cash. :)

    I need to list a queen-size brass headboard and see if I have any takers. Congratulations on selling the washer and dryer...that was a quick sale!

  2. Everytime I sell something on Craigslist Jacob says "what else can we sell"!

  3. Janet- do it I bet it will sale.
    Joanie, does Jacob realize he is a perfect mix of your mom and dad?

  4. That's funny! And, it's awesome that it's gone!