Sunday, February 6, 2011


The motto for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo this year was "This Thing is Legendary". Unfortunately, for the Rodeo the weather put a damper on the event, but we didn't want to miss it. So we braved the melting snow on Friday night to attend the rodeo.

We met Brett, Shannon, Ben, and Scarlett in the exhibit hall. Ben was really excited about an Indian he had seen. He couldn't quite remember where he had seen this Indian, but Barry and I followed he and Scarlett through the exhibits. We found the Indian, and Ben and Scarlett were thrilled to have their picture made with him. He was happy too, as it was a slow night in the exhibit hall. (I probably should have called this man a Native American, but I am not sure if he was truly a Native American, so I just went with Indian.)

Right next door to the Indian was the AT&T booth. With the beauty of technology, Ben and Scarlett also got a picture of themselves riding a bull.

Can you believe they drew the same bull, and they both scored an 81.

Then it was off to the rodeo. Just for the record, Ben and Scarlett have very mean parents. They would not let Barry and I buy them some cotton candy. I will admit that they had just eaten chocolate covered pretzels, so I guess their parents aren't that mean.

Earlier, at the exhibit hall, Ben and Scarlett had picked out pencils carved from a stick. They sell these pencils at Anthropology for $8.00. They were a much, much better buy at the rodeo. Ben picked one with some kind of dragon on it, and Scarlett chose a plain one. As it turned out hers was the better choice. By the end of the bull riding, Ben had begun to break out in hives. We believe it was from his pencil.
Barring the lack of cotton candy and the toxic material on Ben's pencil it was a fun time for all. 


  1. Cute kiddos! I wish we could have gone. I know Ava would have loved to ride that bull with her cousins. Also, I don't think Brett & Shannon are mean, just wise. If only I could stop eating so many sweets too! Hopefully Ben's hives cleared up quickly. Poor kid!

  2. If you ask an Indian, American Indian is the correct term.

  3. This man may have just been American. Nothing
    wrong with that.