Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Day at the DPS

This photo has nothing to do with this post except that my day began with deciding between this carpet and another for the dining room. Actually I could have gone to more stores and searched through many more carpets, but that is not me. I found one I liked, and I am sticking with it. Also, I have no other photos for this post, and I felt the need for a photo.

Now on to the real post. I spent some time at the DPS today. That is really all I should have to say, if you have been there recently. Why was I even there, you might ask? Well, it has been ten years since I had my driver's license renewed. After that time, you must go in and have it renewed in person. Here are some random thoughts on my visit today.

1. Arlington needs more than one DPS office.

2. The physical building has not changed in ten years.

3. There was not one person working there that was younger than me.

4. If I had the ring tone on my phone that the girl behind me in line had on hers, I would be called a racist.

5. This same girl was going to go pay her warrant after she got her driver's license. All she needed was a license, someone to drive her, and someone to bring her $200.00. I would like to suggest a new cell phone ring tone also.

6. The stores surrounding this DPS office are very interesting.

7. They need more than one bathroom and maybe a bathroom monitor. I did not go in there.

8. I was grossed out to touch the thumbprint scanner and the vision test. I am not easily grossed out.

9. Vision and math tests freak me out.

10. After seeing my photo, I am not sure all the people working there were older than me.


  1. Love the carpet. You are funny. And "ewwwww" to number 8.

  2. I laughed OUT LOUD numerous times. Thank you...I so so needed that.

  3. I got my DL 18 years ago and it hasn't changed since then.

  4. Your list is hilarious. #4 is my favorite! Too funny :)