Monday, November 22, 2010


There were four entries to the Container Store gift card giveaway. People must be busy, because The Pioneer Woman only had around 1450 entries in her ipad contest.
No one had all the correct answers (or at least the answers, I deemed correct), so two names were drawn for the gift cards. Thanks to all who participated.

And the Winners Are:  Donna and Michelle-Congratulations!

And the Answers Are:

 Who started a campaign in 1827 to set a national day of Thanksgiving?
Sarah Josepha Hale
 Name one of the top producing sweet potato states.
North Carolina, California, Misissipi, Louisiana
 Which president was the first to officially issue a Thanksgiving Proclamation naming the last Thursday of November as the National Day for Thanksgiving?
Abraham Lincoln
What cartoon character balloon has been in every Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades?
This ended up being a question I should not have used. I have taken it out of the quiz.
Name one of the top pumpkin producing states.
Ohio, Illinois, California, New York
Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national bird. One statesman, in particular, opposed him on this matter. To spite this statesman, Franklin is said to have nicknamed the male turkey “Tom”. Who was the statesman?
Thomas Jefferson
Name one of the top cranberry producing states.
Wisconsin, Massachusetes, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington
Name one of the top turkey producing states.
North Carolina, Missouri, Virginia,Minnesota, Arkansas, Indiana, California, Pennsylvania, South Carolina
Which President moved Thanksgiving up a week in November to make the Christmas Shopping season longer and thus boost the economy?
Franklin Roosevelt
 Who won the Throwdown with Bobby Flay in Bobby Flay vs. Ree Drummond?
Ree Drummond

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  1. Woo hoo! I am so excited to have won the gift card!!