Thursday, November 4, 2010

Craft Idea

I read the Pioneer Woman blog everyday. My husband says I have a blogger crush on her. She does SO much. She cooks, writes books, schools her children, exercises, decorates, sounds like a terrific wife, and has great giveaways.  The only problem is that there are about 35,000 entries for every giveaway. Apparently, many others love her blog too.

One of her blogs was on blogging. She said that if you are going to blog, you should write something every day. I have failed at that and one of my few, dedicated readers is now complaining about the lack of blogs I am writing (bless your heart, Michelle). But in my defense, I think it is because I need a new camera. Yes, I know taking a picture is not writing, and I also know that my picture taking skills really don't warrant a new camera.

But I digress. Today is a craft idea for you all. I attended a demonstration day at Paper Planet one Saturday and came home so inspired. Then, my daughter-in-law, Shannon had a craft day at her house. More inspirations. I have begun a bowl made out of paper mache', but it is far from done. Paper Planet had made this cute one for Halloween.

Mine will not be a Halloween bowl as that ship has sailed. Right now I am thinking Christmas or just something general. I will keep you posted.

Paper Planet also made this cute little tree out of ribbon. Basically you get a cone shape, cut ribbon, fold it in half, and start  hot gluing. Start at the bottom and go to the top covering the piece where you glued below. If you look to the right of the picture you can barely see the beginning of one of these trees.  I believe this was user error on the photographer's part. I don't think she looked to see exactly what was in the picture. However, I feel a new camera would help her with that issue.

Then I saw this one in a magazine from Anthropologie made with feathers. I am sure it is the same process. Now that I have attended two craft days in one month, I know these things.

Downy Mini Tree

Do you have any craft ideas or camera techniques or any camera recommendations?


  1. Wish I could get inspired to get crafty! I am afraid that ship has sailed, too!

  2. Love those little trees! You should make me one. ;)