Sunday, November 14, 2010

On Wednesday, I drove to Houston to visit the Esparza family. I left early and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise.

Joanie and I had big plans to create some wall art for Ava's room. This is not to be confused with my craft project. We headed to Hobby Lobby (which Ava pronounces so cutely). We bought the canvases, paint, and some paper. We headed home ready to dive into our artistic endeavor. There was only one problem with our plan-neither Joanie or I are especially artistic. We both know what we like and can see how things are made, but actually having the talent to create it is another story. We painted the canvases. Then, after much consideration, we decided that I would bring the canvases home and ask The Artist Formerly Known as Barry to help us.

In case you don't know about The Artist Formerly Known as Barry, here is the short version of the story. Years ago, Barry, Chris, and Tom F. would ride in the Enchanted Circle Century in Red River, New Mexico. They went to Taos one evening for dinner and also walked through some art galleries. Barry kept saying he could paint many of the paintings that they saw, so Chris and Tom called him on it. Barry began a short, but admittedly, not bad, phase as an artist. He gave himself the title, The Artist Formerly Known as Barry, but did find that too long for a signature on his art. He should have come up with a symbol. TAFKAB has been on hiatus for some time now, but I believe he might be persuaded to paint again for Joanie and Ava.

Joanie and I also attended the Nutcracker Market on Thursday. We enjoyed it, but it was very crowded and  neither one of us is that crazy about fighting through crowds. The funny thing is right as we got to the car to go home, a very soft little sprinkle of rain started. Then, just as we were trying to open the car doors, the bottom fell out and it poured down, so our backs were soaked. It was only funny because we were getting into the car at the time. The people walking to their cars with all their purchases were not laughing at all.

At this point, you are probably wondering why I have not posted a picture of Ava. Well, I left my camera at Joanie's house. So all my pictures of her are still in Houston. Keep checking back, because I am sure they will be posted at some point. She's a cutie, but is never still. So, I am hoping for at least one good shot.

Friday afternoon, I headed home with my three purchases from the Nutcracker Market and the canvases for Barry to complete. As I was driving on I-45, this message popped up on my navigation screen. This kind of message gives one pause, but what do you do? First of all, I was not sure where Henderson County was, but I guess I was in or near it. Secondly, was I driving into it or was it just near me? Throwing caution to the wind, I drove on and everything was fine. Nothing like the deluge in the parking lot at the Nutcracker Market!

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  1. Nothing like being confronted with a big, expensive, empty canvas when you're not sure how to proceed. I hope The Artist Formerly Known As Barry can help you out!