Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Giveaway Quiz

Everyone knows the story of the Pilgrims. We all know how the Pilgrims would not have survived if it hadn't been for the Wampanoag Indians and their chief, Massasoit. However, we also know that things did not turn out well for the Wampanoags. That is a downer to think about during these festive times, but if you hear of a group that uses Thanksgiving Day as a National Day of Mourning, now you know why.  That little tidbit is not on the quiz and no Pilgrim /Wampanoag questions are either. I decided to start this quiz in more current times, like 1827. 

The first person to answer all the questions correctly will win a $10.00 gift card to The Container Store.

All other CORRECT entries will be entered in a drawing and the winner of the drawing will win a $10.00 gift card 
The Container Store. 

Be sure you read through the rules on the previous post and good luck.

1.Who started a campaign in 1827 to set a national day of Thanksgiving?

2. Name one of the top producing sweet potato states.

3. Which president was the first to officially issue a Thanksgiving Proclamation naming the last Thursday of November as the National Day for Thanksgiving?

4. What cartoon character balloon has been in every Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades?

5. Name one of the top pumpkin producing states.

6. Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national bird. One statesman, in particular, opposed him on this matter. To spite this statesman, Franklin is said to have nicknamed the male turkey “Tom”. Who was the statesman?

7. Name one of the top cranberry producing states.

8. Name one of the top turkey producing states.

9. Which President moved Thanksgiving up a week in November to make the Christmas Shopping season longer and thus boost the economy?

10. Who won the Throwdown with Bobby Flay in Bobby Flay vs. Ree Drummond?

Speaking of Ree Drummond, she is having a giveaway on her blog tomorrow. Her prizes are much nicer, but she has a lot more readers, a best selling cookbook, and the largest ranch in Oklahoma.  Enter her contest too, but trust me you have to be really fast and really lucky. You will be playing against about 35, 000 others, including me, but you can't win if you don't enter. Here is what she has on her site today and the link. (I am not sure if this is legal to place on my site, but I am just trying to help her out.) She is also giving away a stand mixer on this page-enter by noon, pacific time tomorrow. If you happen to win and have both of these items, you can share them with others. Mabye me.

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Smartypants Quiz – Study Up!

If you’re bored, lonely, floating in space, itchy, disenfranchised, twitchy, clammy, or otherwise feeling devoid of purpose and meaning Saturday evening, drop by and participate in an exceedingly challenging Smartypants Quiz! Prizes will be awarded and it’ll make your brain twitch violently. What could be more fun than that?
Smartypants Quiz: Saturday, November 20 – 6:00 pm Pacific Time.
Topics may include geography, history, literature, pop culture, science, math, art appreciation…any topic at all is fair game.

I won’t tell you what first prize will be, but I’ll give you a tiny clue:
It starts with an “i” and ends with a “Pad”.
Oh, and it looks like this:


But that’s absolutely all I’m going to say.
Study up – see you then!


        1. I am thankful that I beat Miles to getting the answers emailed, even though he was taunting me about my computer issues.

          Seriously, though, I am thankful for my amazing family and friends. I am thankful the people in my life are happy and healthy.

        2. I am thankful for family and friends of course!

        3. I am thankful for my family. I am also thankful that Ava went to bed at 7:20 tonight. :)

        4. I am thankful that you read and comment on my blog, and I will be thankful if I can get through tomorrow so that I have time to think about your quiz before the deadline. :)

        5. Our great-grandchildren, Ben and Scarlett, are here visiting us this weekend. What a joy and blessing they are. I'm thankful for each person in my family.