Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank You, Barry

Not only did I have a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, I won a bet with Barry. In a moment of weakness, he bet me an iPad I was wrong about something. You would think by now he would know I am not wrong. You would think my children would realize I am not wrong either when I tell them something. But, I digress. Long story short, I am now the proud owner of an iPad.

However, I told Barry we would share it, so it is our gift to each other this year.

I have other things to blog about this past weekend, but I wanted to try out my iPad.


  1. I think that was the fastest bet pay off in Brier history! I can't wait to see it and play with it. I promise not to mess up your pictures!

  2. I am trying it out and testing its limitations. Plus, I am having "big ticket" guilt. You know me, I might end up taking it back.

  3. I'm not admitting to losing the bet. In fact, I still think I was correct but have been out voted. I might have to disinherit my kids.

  4. I witnessed the whole thing, and, probably who dad is most upset with about being out voted, but he did cheat. Cheaters never win. :)

    It is so exciting that you got an ipad, and I think you deserve it bet or no bet. Don't feel guilty - enjoy!