Sunday, November 7, 2010

Game Day in Aggieland

Since the weather has been so nice, Barry decided (on Wednesday), we should take the RV out again. This time he hoped to head to College Station and maybe attend the A&M vs. OU game. Barry called a friend, Sid, whom he knew RV’d at every A&M home and away game. Barry was just going to ask Sid where he used to RV before he got his site at Olsen Field. Olsen Field has 45 spots. It is across the street from Kyle Field, has electricity, water, and an ice machine. These sites are hard to come by. Sid and his wife, Lou, were on the waiting list for ten years before they got their site. Their kids had graduated by that time, but Sid and Lou thoroughly enjoy every game, and the friends they have made tailgating at A&M. Side note: There is a family of skunks that live at Olsen Field also. However, I feel they are fairly used to people and appreciate the ongoing food frenzy of the tailgaters. Being smart skunks, they have kept their relationship symbiotic by not spraying anyone yet. 
As luck would have it, the people that own the site next to Sid’s were not going to be using it this weekend. Better yet, (for me, anyway), the group had already decided on meals and everything was already done. We were told to just come and enjoy the weekend. 
So we headed the Cozy Cottage down to College Station. We backed our RV into our spot. The Cozy Cottage looked like the other RV's had had a baby. 

The rest of our weekend went like this:
We ate dinner.
We slept.
We ate breakfast.
We drove around.
We listened to live music.
We ate lunch.
We attended the game and the Aggies beat OU!
We ate snacks after the game. 
We slept. 
Let me add, all of this was enjoyed in weather that happens very infrequently in College Station-low 70’s-upper 40’s and no humidity.

We also met some very nice people. One was the A&M band director, Dr. Timothy Rhea. He, his wife, Jennifer, and parents were tailgating with us anytime he was not working. I told him the lady sitting next to me at the game teared up when the band performed. He said the band makes him cry sometimes, but not in a good way. About an hour or so after the game,  Jennifer, got a call from Reveille's handlers. Jennifer had told them to come by so we could meet Reveille VIII.

Believe it or not, Barry and I declined breakfast at Denny’s Sunday morning and headed over to Research Park to take a little walk before heading home. We are not total tailgate potatoes.

Thanks to all the RVers at Olsen Field for a fun weekend. 
Here are a few photos from the weekend. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I have a few questions for you:
    1. Your pictures are great. What camera did you use?
    2. Why didn't you go by all my old apartments?
    3. Was Bingo sad he had to miss the game?
    4. Did you put your name on a wait list for an RV slot?

  2. 1. I used that little Sony camera that is also an underwater camera. Maybe I don't need a new camera. I did take a lot of pictures so these were some of the best.
    2. We didn't have enough gas to go by all your old apartments. :-)
    3. I am not sure Bingo gets sad. He was a little nervous though the first night. Trains, bands, yells, etc.
    4.We didn't put our name on the wait list. Do you realize how old we will be in 10+years?

  3. I just want to list, too.
    1. Loved the pictures, and it looks like y'all had a great time.
    2. I bet you wish y'all had bought a house or apartment after the years of rent money fed into our different living arrangements.
    3. I am sad I went to the Missouri game.
    4. Do you realize some of us won't be that old in 10+ years?? Just kidding...I know y'all have giving us plenty. Please revisit #2.

  4. *have given

    Yes, I teach English. :/

  5. 1. I think that is an Olympus camera that is half mine.
    2. They sell gas in College Station.
    3. Mollie would have been nuts.
    4. Dead

  6. Michelle, In answer to #2- hindsight is always better. Plus I don't think Brett and Joanie wanted to live together.

    Chris, In answer to #1- No telling what all is half ours and yours.
    #4- I am trying to come up with a witty response...

  7. 1. Great pictures and I love my Sony (non-underwater) camera.
    2. That was more of College Station than I've ever seen.
    3. My cats don't travel.
    4. You'd better be right here posting on your blog.

    This post made me :).