Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanks for the Memories-and Keep 'Em Coming

The headline in the Star-Telegram said “It Was Still a Dream Season” and it was!

Those of us who grew up in Arlington remember when we had a semi-pro team. Many a summer night was spent rooting the home team in Arlington. Then, when Tommy Vandergriff brought in the Rangers, that was BIG. 
I can’t tell you how many nights over the years, I have spent at Arlington Stadium with family and friends. Lots of good times and lots of good memories. I remember going to a season opener with Ed and Cindy. It was FREEZING! We were wrapped up in blankets watching the game, but mainly trying to stay warm. I remember going to a Ranger/Astro game in Houston and running into sorority sisters from Arlington. I remember how my mom always moaned when the game tied, because she didn’t want it to go into extra innings. 
I hope my children will remember the time when twenty-five families from Mansfield tailgated, watched the game, and saw the Beach Boys. The kids would Congo Line around the stadium with hats made out of drink holders on their heads. Yes, we wanted to make sure everyone knew that MANSFIELD was there. 
When Nolan Ryan achieved his strike out record, Brett was watching the game at his grandparents' house. Watching him cheer on Ryan was the best part of the game for them. I could go on and on, but my point is, it didn’t matter in all those years if the Rangers won, it was just fun to go to the ball game or watch your home team.
So, it was just icing on the baseball diamond that Barry, Brett, Miles, Michelle, Chris, and Joe were able to go see the Rangers play in the World Series. Even though everyone would have loved to see the Rangers win, it was just a continuation of fun and great memories at the Ballpark in Arlington. 


  1. Way to go Rangers! I remember the Beach Boys' concert. Nothing like bouncing beach balls around the stands. :)

  2. We are so proud of our Rangers! It was a wonderful thing to experience.

  3. It was very special to see the Ballpark's environment last night! This link should direct you to a high resolution photo of most of the fans there, see if you can find us!


  4. It was a great time. We have been cheering for them for a long time. It was great to experience the World Series.

  5. Wow Miles. I did find Barry and Brett in that photo. Can you believe it. But I had a better idea where they were seated.

  6. Exactly how I feel about sharing so many hockey memories with my parents. It's nice to have those few magical winning seasons, but just being there and sharing the experience is the most special part of all, win or lose.

    And I'm darn proud of the Rangers, too!