Monday, March 4, 2013

My First World Dilemmas

A few weeks ago, I was having lunch with my friend, Becky. I told her that I was going to quit blogging except when we were traveling. Becky asked me why and I replied "How much can one write about themselves?" I shouldn't even be writing about myself, but as you may remember, Barry started taking a little offense that every blog was about him.

Since then, however, I have had a couple of people mention that they enjoy reading my blog. A couple might even be an exaggeration, but I know there is one person out there that said they enjoy it!

In order to make myself feel better about an activity that I have come to feel a little narcissists, I will no longer be emailing the blog to anyone (unless you specifically ask me too.) Yes, in order to get some readers, (like Brett), I had to email my blog to them.

I'm divided about even posting it on Facebook. I have an idea, why don't you just bookmark the blog if you want to read it? I tell you what, I will even post tomorrow about Bookmarking or saving to your home screen on your iPhone or iPad for some of my less tech-y friends. Then, if you wish to read the blog, read it, if you don't...don't.  That will make me happy. If you do read the blog, comments make me even happier.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me out in the last six weeks after my hand surgery. Barry has been great. He learned where I kept the sheets. I am not sure why those fitted sheets are so hard for him though.  I received many cards and thank everyone for their kind words. My family and friends brought meals and spoiled me rotten. My hand is better everyday. I'm hoping by April I will be as good as new.

Every blog needs a photo and while taking photographs is still difficult to do with my hand, I was able to capture a couple from our recent trip to Houston. While we were there, we took the girls to Edith Moore Bird Sanctuary near Joanie and Jacob's house. We actually did not see too many birds (I knew you would want to know), but we had a great time with the girls.

Ava sported the finest in bird watching attire.

Lucy loves her 'Poppy' as you can tell by her face in this photograph.

and we all enjoyed the beautiful day.
Joanie & Lucy


  1. Well, I love reading your blog. So I say keep at it.

  2. I check every day to see if you've posted. No quitting allowed! Those are some sweet pictures.

  3. Oh, no...don't quit blogging. I'm like Michelle...I always check for your posts, so if you do quit, I will definitely bookmark your blog and check in regularly. I haven't been a good friend while you've been recuperating, but I have been thinking about you. Glad you are better every day.

    Your pictures are getting really good by the way. Loved the bird sanctuary pictures. I am going to see my WA kids next week for Spring Break (mine)! Austin doesn't have his til April. Hoping to spend some time with little Brennan this time around. He hasn't gotten to spend as much time with me as the other three. That makes me sad!

    Keep up the posts...whenever! I always read them and enjoy your posts and pics.

  4. Comment take 2- :)

    I love reading your blog and I also love when you post a link on Facebook, because I stop right then and read your blog instead of whenever I get around to it by going through the feed on my Blogger page.

    I'm glad that your hand is getting better, although I don't really know why you had surgery in the first place. And Happy Birthday, because I know it was or is sometime around now, give or take....don't know the exact date.

    I love the pictures. I always wear my pink tutu for birdwatching. It's a rule.