Friday, March 8, 2013

During February, I celebrated a birthday. My children, husband, and many friends never forget my birthday and of that I am thankful. My daughter-in-law invited us to her house for my birthday dinner.
To my surprise, the table was set in Downton Abbey style. I think the staff had the evening off though. So, Lady Shannon and Lord Brett had to serve. I tried not to frown on that action.

And I am not sure they had balloons back then.

Plus the entertainment may have been more late 1950s.

Ben, Downton heir, was there to wish me a happy birthday. If you don't have a grandson, you don't know what sweetness is.

 Cora postponed her bedtime to celebrate.

If I had known there was a Downton theme, I would have done something jolly with my hair.

Poor Cora, just as the photograph was being taken she heard her mother say, she couldn't have any cake. "WHAAAT", she exclaimed.

It was a grand birthday and there were even presents (although they are all under strict instructions not to get me anything). I will tell you about one particular present later.

Thank you ALL, Everything in the garden was rosy!


  1. How lovely to have a Downton theme for your birthday, plus a 50's Hula Hoop demonstration and a new age printed mylar balloon. It's like time travel! :)

  2. We need more excuses for a dinner party...and cake!