Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"I Want To Be Alone"

Tech Tuesday-Do Not Disturb
Many of us have sounds and notifications set for incoming emails, texts, and games.
While this is fine during most of the day, it an be a real problem at night. Since 98% of my emails are from stores, I really don't need to hear that ping when I am trying to sleep.  
Plus, I don't need to be awakened by the occasional wrong number at 2:00am that makes my heart start racing.  

The solution?  Do Not Disturb. This is an IOS 6 feature that enables you to stop calls, text, and notification sounds without changing all your settings.  The best part is you can choose which calls can come through, so family can always reach you.  ( you can set this feature on your iPad also. ) 

Here's how you do it-

Go to you settings: 

Turn Do Not Disturb On 

Tap Notifications

Under Do Not Disturb tap by Time 

Then Tap Do Not Disturb

This will give you the option to set times and who you can receive calls, text, emails, etc from anytime.  

The people you want to be able to receive calls, etc, from need to be in your favorites list. To make a favorites list- choose a contact, scroll down and tap the add to favorites button. If they have more than one phone you wish to add you must repeat  for each number. 

Of course, you can just turn all those notification sounds off and not fool with any of this, but how will you know when it is your turn in Words With Friends? 


  1. Very cool. I love the email feature with Favorites. I have it set for push alerts when an email is received from a person listed as a favorite. That way it won't get lost in the shuffle of daily emails...