Friday, March 15, 2013

Our camping trip actually began at Perdinales State Park. We were thrilled that the Esparzas joined us for the weekend.

We enjoyed hiking around the park. Ava was kind enough to take Magic with her.

Lucy found some shells.

But, her favorite thing was the S'mores. When she didn't get to make some for breakfast the next morning, she was sad.

Saturday evening it poured down rain, but we were dry and comfortable in the camper.

Rain boots came in handy for an early morning stroll.

 Lucy was too tired to go for another hike in the morning. She demanded some quiet time.

 She spent some quality time with Poppy and Jama.

Then she was ready for lunch and the Perdinales Falls.

 The Falls were a little dry,

but perfect for climbing.

We were even able to get a picture of all five of us. This could be a first. 

 We hope these little sweethearts enjoyed their first camping trip. 


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for letting us join you. We had a blast.

  2. Wonderful pictures! Looks so fun.

  3. Those pictures are really good! Looks like everyone had a good time. Lucy needs some S'more Pop Tarts for breakfast!

  4. What special memories you made there! It looks beautiful. I like the photo of all of you together...precious. We have the same sunglasses! :) I love my Maui Jim's. We are making our first trip ever to Maui, Hawaii this summer and I am beyond excited! I also adore those rain boots. Happy you shared this trip with your sweet fam. Shan