Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Quick Tech Reminder

One of the questions I receive over a over is how to close out applications on an iPad or iPhone. These programs running in the background can drain your battery or slow down your device. Although there was a post about this in the past, I'm going to repeat it here.

Double click your home button
You will see the programs that are active on your device.

Hold you finger on one of the icons until you get the minus sign.

Then touch the minus sign and that program.

Of couse, I am so techy, I accidently erased my Tech Tuesday from last week!


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  1. Ha! That's funny about erasing your stuff. You're more techy than me, though!

  2. One thing I've noticed on Blogspot blogs is that it is hard to leave a comment via mobile device. There have been several occasions where I will type a comment to leave on this blog or Michelle's and when I go to post, it resets the comment field. I have been keeping up with the posts!