Monday, April 1, 2013

Wiggle Tails and Total Domination-No Fooling!

Where does the time go? I have no joke nor an answer. However, I am thinking that if I took the time to read some of my past blogs, a flourish of family activities usually is what makes the time fly.

We went to Houston to attend a funeral. Barry's Aunt Libby passed away. I think I totally depressed Barry and his brothers when I pointed out to them that they were now the elders of the family.

I am totally depressed that I did not take one picture of Barry and his brothers (the now Elders) or the cousins together. I have no excuse for not getting the Brier boys together, but it is almost impossible to chase down Ben, Scarlett, Ava, and Lucy when they are together. Joanie captured a cute one though.

When we got back, we attended one of Ben's baseball games. He hit a homer for me.

 He also caught a fly ball which is quite a feat at this level it seems. So much so, his mother had promised him a monetary reward for doing it. I hear she is trying to negotiate the amount promised to him. Ben may be in the market for an agent soon. Uncle Miles is trying to teach him about interest on payments due. There is so much more to baseball than meets the eye.

Easter Sunday, those family members in town met up at Miles and Michelle's house. There was an egg hunt for Ben and Scarlett

Scarlett honed her tree climbing skills.

Poppy monopolized Cora.

There was a Washer Game and Cora was mesmerized by my skills. I dominated. But, to be perfectly honest, none of us were good. Maybe Cora was just appalled.

We forced these three to be still a millisecond. 

Joanie and Jacob (in Houston) strapped Ava and Lucy into car seats to snap a photo and text it to us, and the Easter photos were complete.

Or, so we thought until we received this video from Brett.


  1. Ben in that uniform and Scarlett pulling her own tooth are both equally amazing. Cora looks so sweet and big.

  2. It was a wonderful time! Thanks for the delicious food and for coming out to visit!

  3. Oh, and you did completely dominate in washers!!

  4. Jan, I would like to make that photo of Cora & me come up as my photo on my Google post comments. Can you help me make that happen? You can contact me at ...... oh wait, we live in the same house. Just show me soon. Love, B