Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lake DeGray Activities

Welcome to the SEC.

We have heard that ALOT this weekend. Of course, mainly by the LSU people who like anyone that LSU outscores.

Our other activities over the past couple of days have been walks and a boat ride with the park rangers.

First, we went with Jason on a walk that explored the history of the land. Barry and I were his only two guests.

We all went with Jason on the Owl Hike that evening, but no owls. That could have been because of the twenty other people along or because there were no owls around.

Yesterday morning, we headed out on a boat ride on the lake with newbie ranger, David.

The Bald Eagles were abundant.

The other tourist on the boat were hilarious. They were from India, but here working for Walmart Corporation. For some reason they wanted to take photographs of each other the whole time. This guy would strike his best modeling pose to be photographed the whole cruise.

But I must say he was photogenic.

Then there was some golf, kayaking, fishing, and a lot of eating to finish the day.

Nap anyone?

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