Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family Fun Continues

Saturday morning, Ben had a soccer game, so we all met at the field.

Joanie multi-tasked by watching Ben and Cora.

Brett helped the coach by instructing the defense. You can see it was an intensive assignment.

As you may have noticed from earlier photographs, Lucy enjoyed being with her "Poppy." 

Scarlett and Ava tried to avoid the paparazzi. 

All the while, Ben was busy playing his game.

It was a fun weekend full of family. 

It had been three months since we were together. Of course, we missed Shannon & Jacob-who were out of town, but we made sure their respective children had fun.   

The End


  1. I may be prejudiced but these last two posts were great! Especially liked the last photo. Gig em!

  2. Great action shots of Ben and the "end" was just precious.

  3. It was another great day! I'm guessing there are no pictures from te rest of the day because the kids were no where to be seen.