Thursday, October 4, 2012

With the sell of the Cozy Cottage, the search began for the next camper. Barry and I had decided that we just wanted to go with a travel trailer right now. We feel it fits our needs better at the moment than a Class A RV. 

We have been thinking about what we wanted and what was important to us. So, the search began. We went to the RV show in Dallas. Then, we went to no less than four RV dealerships in the area. First, we noticed that the dealers have a lot of large trailers and some tiny trailers. Even though we made it clear what size we were looking for and what features, salespeople just acted like they couldn’t help us if it wasn’t sitting right there on the lot. They must have truly believed we wouldn’t be able to find what we were looking for, because not one salesperson took our name and phone number. 

After our last look-see at a dealership, we actually were thinking we might wait and not get anything for awhile.  Barry called Jerry and they spent an evening on the phone discussing the trailers and our problem.

A few days later, I received a text from Jerry that said, “I have found you a trailer. When you are near your computer call me.”

Silly Jerry. I am never far from my computer. I called Jerry and he had found a trailer that was the size we wanted, the floor plan we wanted, and the storage we wanted.  I googled where this trailer was sold. There was a dealership in Michigan and a dealership in Mesquite that carried it. 

The next day Barry called the Mesquite dealership. They did not have one in stock and (again without asking our name or number) just said they didn’t have that one and had no idea when they would get that model. Wouldn’t you think a dealer might contact the manufacturer and ask if they could get that model? 

So, we called the Michigan dealership and they had the model, quoted us a great price including delivery, and the deal was done. The trailer will be shipped in a few days. 
It couldn’t have been easier- once we called them. 

I don’t want to hear any crying from sales people in the Metroplex. Make an effort if you want to make a sale.

You don’t have to be pushy, but you can be helpful. 

We’ll be on the road again soon. More Travels with Barry to come!


  1. You should have been in sales. You could have been a legend. ... Hope to have some good travel stories from the "Roomy Cottage" soon.

    1. You are real funny. You know I am not a salesperson.