Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yesterday and Today

I am not a great traveler. There I said it. Today we left Ridgway State Park in Colorado and drove to Amarillo. Doesn't that sound easy? Compared to the olden days, it is easy. But, I didn't live in the olden days, and It seemed to take forever.

We ran into a thunderstorm in Raton which was refreshing but slowed us down. Jerry lost a side mirror, but I haven't really heard that story yet. (I forgot to ask him about it when we camped for the night.) Also, Ollie ate the seat cover in the Berger's truck. He must have been going as stir crazy as me.

As for us, Barry and I thought we might have been havin tire trouble . We heard a pop and then smelled rubber burning. Barry got out in the pouring rain, with a directive from me not to get run over, but found nothing wrong.

So, let's go back to yesterday. Barry and I went on another jeep trail called the Ophir Trail. It was just a moderate trail, but here is what Barry had to say..." if this is a moderate trail, I never want to go on an extreme."
The pictures don't do justice to the one lane trails and the amount of ice. It was fun though.

Then we headed up to Alta Lakes.

It has been a great camping trip with some good friends.

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  1. I'm glad y'all had a great time and be safe the rest of the way!