Sunday, July 31, 2011

The End of the PK Lake Saga

I didn't really go into what happened to Barry at the lake. During the sunscreen frenzy Saturday morning,
he applied sunscreen in his "orbital area".  We have agreed to call it this because I made the mistake of saying "eyes". He was adamant that he did not get it in his eyes. I explained to him I was using the word"eye" generically for the eye area. Barry said "eye" meant eyeball, and that he didn't get sunscreen on his eyeballs.  So, orbital area it is.

After a couple of hours his eyelids and the orbital area beneath his eyes were swollen and red.
He was miserable. We applied a couple of cool packs, left him in charge of letting us know when Lucy woke up, and headed back out to the lake to swim and jet ski. Who wouldn't leave their six month old alone with someone who looked like this?

As you know he recovered to do some magic tricks and play games Saturday evening.

Which was a good thing, because on Sunday morning it was time to fish.
Unfortunately, Jacob, Joanie, Ava, and Lucy had a long drive and had to head back to Houston.

Ben, Scarlett, Shannon, and Barry were fishing for perch under the dock. Perfect sized, little fish for little kids.

All was going well until the carp appeared. The reprobates broke Shannon's line twice. Hell hath no fury like Shannon pitted against a thieving fish. She changed lines and hooks and set out to catch that carp. And she did. Not only did she catch one, she caught two.

We had the kiddos stand next to one for scale. 

I on the other hand was not so lucky.  I set my rod down to put a worm on Scarlett's hook. As I set it down, Scarlett said, "a fish is going to take that". Those words were no more out of her mouth than the rod and reel shot off the landing and went under the dock, never to be seen (by us anyway) again. So, if you are at Possum Kingdom Lake and you see a rod and reel swimming through the lake, please return it to the Schneiders.

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