Thursday, July 21, 2011

Very Welcome Results

I have had writer's block for a while now, but this afternoon I had so many thoughts come to mind. The problem was I was making Mandel Bread (a Jewish cookie similar to biscotti).

My hands were covered in dough, so I couldn't write all these ideas down and of course, have forgotten most of them by now.

However, I do believe my breakthrough was due to the fact that I went to the chiropractor. With a couple swipes of her hand Dr. Cosgrove improved my hamstring 98%. I swear that woman is a miracle worker.

I had never been to a chiropractor before last year. I was suffering from a dizziness that was not unlike sea sickness. It had been going on for about eight weeks, and I had gone to my doctor (who is an excellent doctor and a specialist, who is also excellent). They were on the same page- that it was a form of vertigo and would probably resolve itself in about three to six weeks.

After my appointment with the specialist, I was having lunch with my friend, Priscilla. All through lunch, she kept telling me I needed to go see her chiropractor. Finally she just took me over there. They worked me in, and I walked out well.

Why didn't I go back after I hurt my hamstring? I blame the Internet. It said to rest it. I do believe that is important. But anytime you are out of alignment, mentally or physically, other things are affected. (I thank yoga for that pearl of wisdom.)

All I know,  is I have had the energy to actually accomplish tasks without being exhausted. I do know that hamstrings are fragile things and the pain can come and go. But, I am enjoying the pain free feeling right now. I can actually sit in a chair and write my blog. Lucky you, right?

My heart goes out to people in chronic pain.

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