Friday, July 15, 2011

The Chicken Was Fine

Monday I cooked barbecued chicken for Michelle's birthday dinner.
I was using the outside grill, but somehow I set the alarms off in the house. (I am blaming it on the incessant heat wave.) Plus, we didn't even know the alarms were still connected and monitored.

Not until the doorbell rang, that is.

Yes, the Mansfield Fire Department responded to the alarm. I was very surprised and embarrassed. I wasn't that embarrassed that they were called, but embarrassed that I had yet to shower and change clothes from yoga.

Because, this is how I look after yoga on a good day.

So after scaring Mansfield's finest to death, not by the threat of fire, but by 'old lady post yoga',
I finished cooking the chicken and began the process of setting up the alarm system.

No chicken was burnt in this fiasco.

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  1. There's some mighty fine looking firefighters in Mansfield. Dress up next time you want to light that grill!

  2. Glad you didn't burn down the house! Did they come in the fire truck & everything? Ava would have loved it.

  3. The chicken really was delicious!