Friday, July 29, 2011

Possum Kingdom Lake-the rest of the story...

Since I left off just after breakfast the first day, you probably realized there was more to the weekend.

Yes, there was. Here's a little snippet:

Before we headed down to the dock

There was some hair braiding

Aunt Shannon ran into some snags with Ava's hair. Another aunt had spilt coffee creamer in her hair that morning and didn't tell anyone. However, Ava handled the simultaneous hair brushing and
sunscreen application like a champ.

 The dads applied sunscreen on all the little ones.

Then it was time to go out on the boat.

Next it was lunchtime for all.

Aunt Michelle loved having some time with little Lucy.

Now we are halfway through the lake weekend.

PS- I have not forgotten my promise for a contest/giveaway. It has been pushed back a little bit. So, put it on your calendar for Monday.

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