Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers in the Wind

Back in February I had a birthday. I mentioned that I received a very special gift from this little one.

Scarlett takes art lessons, and she had been telling her mom that she was making me something in art class. They worked on it several weeks. Shannon and I waited anxiously to see what it was. Then on my birthday I received this:

A hand sewn Prayer Flag. I love it. I have had a hard time writing about it because I know her mom wanted it. Also, I am sure her other grandmother, or great-grandmother, or various aunts, or various great-aunts would have loved to have received it. Yet, she gave it to me. I cannot tell you how much I treasure it. It might seem strange I haven't posted it before now, because very personal things are hard to share. But, I do want Scarlett and Shannon to know how much I love it.

My quandary is where to hang it. It is supposed to hang in the breeze and send your prayers into the wind. But I cannot put it outside. I am keeping it safe, because one day, I will give it back to Shannon.
Shhh, don't tell Scarlett. She might not understand right now about those special things that her mom may want to save and give to her later with a memory.


  1. That was so sweet it made me cry. I was happy to have her give it to you b/c from the first day she started on it.. she had you in mind. And I want her to love her grandparents as much as I did - its a treasure. Sweet post. I will pass it on to SJ. Shannon

  2. How touching!!! I loved it.

  3. She's so sweet, and you are a very deserving recipient!

  4. OMG, how touching! What a wonderful gift to you from your granddaughter and future gift FROM you. Love, love, love it!