Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tech Tuesday-Photo Stream Albums

Last week we edited our photographs on our iPhone and IPad. This week we are going to learn to share a photo stream web album. 

We will use the in-built Photo Stream album for ease. Some of the buttons are in different places on the iPhone and iPad. But, you can do this on both. You will most likely need to be running at least iOS 6 on your devices. 

Make sure your Photo Stream is turned on in your settings. Go to Settings>Photo & Camera.
Open photos. 

The photo stream button is at the bottom of the screen on your iPhone and top of the screen on your iPad. (You will find little differences like this between the two, so just look for the buttons)  Tap the photo stream button to get to the photo stream If you are using your ipad. 

Open up your new album which is empty. Tap the add photo button at the top. Tap the + button to add an album to your Photo Stream and name it.  Type the iCloud address of the person whom you wish send the album. 

If you wish to make your album visible to friends and family that do not have an iCloud or me address, make sure public website is on. 
Open up your new album which is empty. Tap the add photos button. 
Tap the photos you wish to add and tap done. 

Select the album to share
Type in email addresses.
Tap share.
Choose how you want to share the album website, email, message, facebook, etc. Put in the information and send.

This is really handy if you want someone to be able see a lot of photos quickly. 

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  1. Miles and I love this feature, so we can easily share pictures from our phones!