Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Smacks of Old Fart Wednesday-I Can't Make This Stuff Up

Summer has put a damper on the posts coming in for the blog this week.

Pat emailed me that he had "writer's block",  and I could totally empathize with him. You see all the posts I have put up this week.

I decided to call for reinforcements. I sent an email to my kids and their spouses asking them what they think of when someone says "Old Fart".  I was proud that none of them just took the easy way out and said, "You and Dad."

Jacob wrote back, "Not being able to use the self-checkout line at the grocery store."
I had to chuckle to myself, because I have seen Barry struggle with this.

Joanie  said, "Super loud TV".
Well, I know that we have the sound up louder on our TV than they ever do.

Michelle said "Falling asleep watching TV/while visiting people, and looking for glasses."
Hmmm... Do I know anyone that does that?

Then, Miles replied, "Carrying around and using Kleenex."
Just then Barry walked by with a box of Kleenex and sat down.

Oh, it could have not been better if it had been planned.


  1. I'm glad I'm only guilty of one of those, so far.

  2. Jan, you are too funny! Got a few of those 'old fart' telltale signs, except it's looking for keys instead of glasses, my cell phone, and the remotes! I do avoid the self check lines, not because I can't, but because it is too damn much trouble! I'd rather let them do the work! The tv is loud and we use the closed captions for movies now because...well you know!! And I have kleenex boxes in all the strategic places so I don't have to carry them around. So, we're getting old(er)!! Wish I were going to be around when our kids face these milestones. If I live as long as my mother, maybe I will be! In some ways, her memory far outdoes mine!! lol

  3. Wow...guilty on all counts. But so what? I'm glad to have arrived at this stage of life.

  4. This was a fun post (I've missed yours this week). I said an remember grandmother and grandads tv always being loud, too! Most of my favorite people are old farts!