Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Little Tech Tuesday and then Media Monday

First, I had several question about what I had prepared for my horrible dinner. It was fish. Fish is not my favorite meal, but I do like it much more than in the past. I just don't like to cook it and don't do it well. I never really like my own fish.

Thanks for the wasps tips. We cannot find a nest, but we have sprayed the attic and will see if that works.

Now to the semi- present:

Tech Tuesday and Media Monday Mash-up

I didn’t get Media Monday  posted Monday morning because my Internet was down. I called AT&T, and they advised me to go online and check out the support page. When you have already told them you have connectivity issues, does that seem like the best advice? 


 I have said before I tend to take blurry iPhone photos, because I move the phone.  Did you know that you can put your finger on the shutter release and hold it there until you are set up. Then...release. So much easier. I also might have to change the name of my Tech Tip Tuesday to Tech Tip Tuesday for Old Farts. I don’t believe I have any new tips for the younger generations and probably only a few for some Old Farts. 


The Olympics- Right now this is taking our biggest television viewing time. 
I’ve run into so many people that don’t watch the Olympics. Isn’t that un-American? 
They need to see Missy Franklin just to brighten their day. 


Isn't she an amazing seventeen year old? I am not talking just about her swimming either. She is so at ease in the interviews, and I love that she is enjoying every moment. The fun has been sucked out of the women’s gymnastic team. I have enjoyed watching them, they are just too robotic. (maybe over media tutored?)

 Remember when they used to show a segment about athletes from around the world on the Olympic shows? What was it called?  Are we too global for that now? They have done some of this, but not enough for me.

The Rangers- 
What can I say? They are making me very nervous. When we aren't watching the Olympics we are watching them. I am wondering how Oswalt has the right to say when he wants to pitch and when he doesn’t. Does he have an amazing contract, or are the Rangers in need of some “tough love” right now. Come on Rangers, you have got to finish it out this year! 

Shark Wranglers- 
The History Channel is doing a much better job filming and editing this show than their previous channel.
The History Channel is giving all the crew members camera face time. I like that because I get to see Alex Snow more. He is probably freaked out that he has an old lady stalker. I do have some questions for Alex about the Ocearch. Maybe his mom will make him answer them, if I send the questions to him.

About Face: Supermodels Then and Now- This documentary is showing on HBO right now. The faces that graced the magazines when I was growing up are interviewed. Yes, models used to model for magazine covers back in the day, not actresses. These women are all still beautiful and many of them still model. However, several of them found that they felt more beautiful when they were loved by someone they loved, and entered what I would call “the real world.” They have their own opinions about plastic surgery and aging. There are no deep delving issues discussed, but it is entertaining to see them again. 

The Closer: 
Monday night was the last episode. It is on the DVR. If I don't watch it will it end? 

Philosophize that...

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  1. The Olympics: yes, it is awesome to see athletes like Missy Franklin do their thing. I've enjoyed the track and field events much more than I thought I would. And, Aly Raisman and another gymnast named Victory let me sit with them at a wedding in my dream last night.