Friday, August 10, 2012

Senility and Swimming

I do use Barry as fodder on this blog. But, I have to admit, I may be getting a little senile.

First, this week was NOT the last episode of The Closer. Maybe I would like to attribute my confusion with too much Olympic watching, but my children would probably roll their eyes. Then they would make remarks about putting me in a home soon. I am not even going to tell them that I drove halfway home from Nordstrom yesterday with my blinker on.

One of my other "old" things is that I like the Synchronized Swimming at the Olympics. I told Barry people did not appreciate how hard that is to do (not that I have ever done it-but Michelle did it camp one summer). 
Barry replied, "No they don't, and they never will." 

Well, synchronized swimming teams. I appreciate you. I especially hold in high regard any sport that lets one wear lots of make-up, allows a cute up-do in the water , and has sparkly costumes.
Since I don't like water going up my nose, the nose-clips are a plus for me also. 

Barry on the other hand was totally entertained by the BMX last night. 

I will admit, it was a little more exciting than Synchronized swimming. But, a monkey can ride a bicycle. Poor unappreciated Synchronized swimmers.


  1. I was hoping that the BMX would include more back flips like in the movie Rad, which by the way is the greatest movie from the 80's.

  2. You totally outed me about my synchronized swimming past! But, I loved watching it, too. That is funny about the closer.

  3. (it froze so I had to make a new comment)

    I am pretty ready for So You Think You Can Dance to
    Pick back up once the Olympics are over!

  4. Michelle, I've been having SYTYCD withdrawals. I love the Olympics, but i can't live without some spectacular choreography and dancing once a week.