Saturday, August 4, 2012

If You Don't Want to Read the Whole Post, At Least Read the Last Paragraph

I just finished eating one of the worst meals I have cooked in a long time. For some reason, I felt compelled to open with that statement, which is bad writing as the meal has nothing to do with this blog. I just needed to confess.
Ben stayed with us for a few days this week. We have spent some fun-filled days, playing golf, swimming, scoring his cannonballs off the board, and playing with walkie-talkies. When the temperature rose to 109, we went to see Madagascar 3 and played some games on the iPad. 
(I must interject here as I have seen a lot of commercials for The Lorax lately.  I did not enjoy that movie at all- boring and preachy. But, I did enjoy Madagascar 3.) 

Ben and Barry were so inspired by their bowling techniques on the iPad, we decided to go bowling for real. Barry and I do not bowl, so if I had not called ahead, we probably would have gone to Alley Cats. It is newer, caters to kids and families, and has a really good name. However, I did call and found out that Alley Cats is very expensive. So, we headed to Spare Time Lanes. I had not been there since late high school/early college. Let’s just say it had been a few years. 
Besides the fact that the bowling balls were in terrible condition at Spare Time Lanes, the place has spruced up since I was there last. Spruced up = cleaner and better lights. The price was right, too. 

We probably recorded the lowest bowling scores of this century. The surprising thing is that both Barry and Ben must have bowled amazingly well on the iPad. They seemed so disappointed with each roll at the lanes. I finally had to bring them back to reality by telling them that “We aren’t bowlers, and we can’t bowl! So just have fun.” (I was actually more supportive to Ben in his efforts and a lot more realistic to Barry.) It’s an ugly job, but someone has to be the voice of reason. 
Now for the very important question- We have wasps getting into our bathroom. Where would you assume they are coming in? Luckily it has just been one or two at a time. Would they be coming through the plumbing, through the air vents, or possibly the light fixtures? Send your thoughts soon! 


  1. My guess is that they are probably in the attic and are getting in thru some opening somewhere. Don't know how, but guess it's possible they could be coming in thru the light fixtures if there's even the smallest opening. We used to get those great big horse flies coming in thru a light fixture when we were having problems with the roof rats in the attic. Haven't had THAT problem in a while, but thankfully the rats didn't find their way into the house.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time with Ben. We recently went bowling with Jacob's firm & I scored a 49. I wish I was kidding. Not sure about the wasps. Good luck.

  3. What did you make that was so gross?

  4. Yes, inquiring minds want to know...what DID you cook that was so terrible? I would expect you to be a good cook always. We learned some good cooking skills in Girl Scouts, didn't we?

    I love bowling. I'm a lousy bowler, but I love bowling. I got the perfect attendance award when I bowled in a league years ago for Arlington Preschool Spare Time Lanes, in fact.

  5. I don't know how the wasps are getting in, but what I do know is that that's scary. It could definitely create some funny situations, though....