Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tomorrow is the Day

We are excited! Tomorrow,  Michelle and Miles will welcome their baby. Michelle has been a "model patient".  That is what her doctor told her. Her doctor is correct. Michelle followed her doctor's orders and was a trooper.  If you know Michelle, she does not like to be still. Our neighbor used to call her "perpetual motion". So, I know that it was difficult for her. ( I know now how difficult it is for anyone put on bed rest.)  Michelle and Miles were fortunate to have a lot of help. I am going to attach her blog, so she can tell you all about that.

Michelle's Blog

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  1. Your daughters' blogs are priceless. I read Michelle's last night after I read yours. So glad today is the day...she will share a birthday with Brennan. He is two today! Looking forward to pictures of little Cora!!