Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This is the introductory guest column called “Smacks of Old Fart”. You’re probably wondering where this title came from. Well, here is the skinny on that. While on a recent vacation with our friends Pat and Jennifer Oler, it became apparent that we were all getting old. Things just kept happening that just really smacked of something old farts would do. So, the four of us thought “you know there are a lot of old farts out there that would love to read a blog about this subject” (actually it was Pat’s idea). That is if they could find their glasses...oh yeah..they are on top of their heads. Like most old farts we procrastinated. Pat and I (Barry) decided (actually this was Jan’s idea) rather than figure out how to write and post a blog of our own, we could write a guest column and post it on Jan’s  blog, Inside the BrierPatch. Not to be confused with Inside the NFL. Pat and I decided we would make Wednesday our day to post. We plan to alternate. Therefore, without further ado, the following is Volume 1, No. 1, April 18th, 2012. (Oh s__t, April 18th, did I forget to file my taxes?)
I really do not try to do stupid things. Technology doesn’t help in this regard. Tonight while calling my SOOF co-writer, Pat Oler, is a case in point. You know when I was young, I had at least all my friends, relatives, work and other telephone numbers memorized. Not sure if I could still do that but thank goodness I don’t have to. I looked up Pat and Jennifer’s number on, what else, my cell phone. Personal file cabinet and keeper of all important and necessary information to function. Then I called them on my land line. I can actually hear the conversation on a land line. Anyway, Jennifer answered, and we were catching up when I heard her phone beep and what sounded like a recording come through. The number being announced on her caller i.d. was familiar. You guessed it, yes it was me pocket calling the Olers from my cell. Doesn’t that just Smack of Old Fart? 
If you have any SOOF stories please forward them to me. You might get credit. Maybe not. 
The photo is a re-enactment of me pulling off this SOOF snafu.

Yours truly,
ps: Jan said that this information I just gave her was a SOOF article itself. I think it is more of a ps.
 I was reading one of my veterinary news feeds, “Animal Health Smart Brief”, when I segued to an article on how bats fly so efficiently. Then I jumped to an article called “The Most Ridiculous and Comprehensive Way to Test Toilet Paper” by the Consumer Reports People. Well it turns out that White Cloud TP sold at Wal-Mart is better and cheaper than Charmin.  I think Pat would have commented, “well I rectum it is”. He is more homespun than me. Tune in next week to see what I mean.

Holy Memorandum! The Secret to Bats’ Super-Efficient Flight Could Help Make Better Military Drones

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  1. Dad, good work on the post! It's going to be fun to see the shenanigans you and Pat discuss on here each week.