Thursday, November 3, 2011

TYP Greatness

I began practicing yoga at The Yoga Project a few years ago. I actually did a 40 Day Program at that time and found my love of yoga and TYP.

The first thing I noticed is that during class the instructors assisted you with poses. It is amazing how they can gently help you move into alignment, relax, or go farther in a pose than you have ever been before. They don't just call out a pose either. They teach you how to do the pose to the best of your ability with tips on alignment and breathing.

Secondly, at The Yoga Project, they help you with modifications. Our bodies are all different with different needs and these are addressed here.

The best thing of all, they call you by your name. Don't we all love to be acknowledged? It is a family at TYP.

The studio is heated and there are no mirrors. I had no idea how distracting the mirrors in the gym classes were until I practiced without them. Mirrors, for me, only place what I am doing wrong in my head. Que the psychologist here. I won't lie though, it took me a little while to get used to the heat.

However, as much as I love TYP, I am human and tend, at times, to feel bad, travel, and, (this is major), manage my time poorly. So, during the past few months, I haven't been going to classes on a regular basis.

On my first day back in awhile, Kristi was teaching. Class was wonderful. Then after class, as someone was leaving, Kristi called out "Bye, stay great". That is how TYP makes me feel. Great.

TYP is beginning a 30 Day Yoga project, and I am joining as this is a good way to get back on track. It is also a great way to begin yoga. So my tens of readers, if you want to feel good, work hard, and get strong, join me in this 30 day journey. You can go to TYP and get information.

Stay, great everyone.

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  1. Great post, Jan. If I had a blog, I would comment similarly on TYP. Thank you so much for encouraging me to go with you and experience this amazing community of instructors and friends who show up on the mat for inner greatness! It has been truly wonderful to grow in the practice and leave the studio feeling that sense of accomplishment and well being. I too, have interruptions to my practice, as you well know, and I have a long way to 'grow', but I am committing myself to the 30 day Yoga Project and can't wait go to the mat every day!!! Thank you Stacy, Dave and all the staff at TYP for such an amazing place to BE!