Thursday, November 10, 2011

Justice For the People

Today is the type of day that created this blog.

(Disclaimer: We are law abiding citizens and expect others to be too, but sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do.)

Barry is going to court, and he will be defending himself. I have already reminded him of the "a fool for a lawyer" quote but, he has had consultations.

In March, Barry was stopped for allegedly speeding. The police officer did not give him a ticket for speeding, but as is policy, he ran Barry's registration sticker. That is when it was discovered that the sticker was not for the vehicle (Tahoe) that Barry was driving. The RV and Tahoe registrations had come due at the same time, and Barry had affixed them to the wrong vehicles. The policeman ticketed Barry for the registration sticker and told him to just go get another sticker, take the proof to the courthouse, and all would be fine. (just like an expired sticker)

Barry decided to be proactive and went straight to the city to get the stickers straightened out. While doing so, the kind lady at the city advised Barry to just go ahead and pay a little extra and get the 2012 sticker. That would save him a few dollars in the long run. When Barry took the receipt to the courthouse, he was informed that by buying the 2012 sticker, he had somehow negated the 2011 sticker and would have to go to court.

Fast forward to his appointed court date. He leaves work. When he checks in the clerk tells him that they usually go in alphabetical order, so he shouldn't be there long. That was what he wanted to hear because little animals were waiting for him. Well, that day they went in REVERSE alphabetical order. So, Barry sat there through a lot, let me repeat, a lot of cases.

He began to notice a pattern. No one was getting their case dismissed. Sometimes the attorney would lower the fine from $350.00 to $275.00 or $250.00, but everyone was fined. One man was in his seventies and had never had a ticket. He was ticketed for running a stop sign in a residential area. The man had photos of the stop sign and it was hidden by a tree or bush. Barry had figured that the city had made $10,000 dollars by the time it was his turn. So by now, Barry feels he shouldn't be there in the first place, has waited a long time, and feels injustice to the people.

When it came Barry's turn, he explained that he had purchased the Tahoe registration sticker for 2011, but had accidentally put it on the wrong vehicle. He also explained what had happened when he went to purchase a new registration sticker and ended up with the 2012 sticker. The attorney said his fine was $350.00. Barry asked if there were other options. He was informed he could have a trial by judge or jury. Barry told the attorney he wanted a trial by jury, because he thought people would understand that it was just an honest mistake.

This made the attorney unhappy. He told Barry even if the jury found him not guilty he would tell the judge it was "blah, blah, blah" (That is some legal term I can't remember, but I do believe it had something to do with following the law), and the judge would have to overturn the jury.

This is where the whole thing became a little junior highish. The attorney went on to say, "then you will have this on your permanent record forever."

Barry replied, "You mean I will have a non-moving violation on my permanent record forever? I am sixty two. What do I care if that is on my record?"

So, my friends, today is court day. Barry and the prosecution will be picking their jurors and going to trial. Hopefully, the jurors will not be upset that they are missing work for this trial, see Barry's side, and win one for the people!

I am hoping that I do not receive a phone call from the Mansfield jail. I am keeping my phone, my ATM card, and camera ready just in case.


  1. I love the "permanent record" part of the story. It's so perfect. Can't wait to hear what happens!


  2. I hope if Barry looses the case, and it goes on his permanent record, that the state board of Veterinary Medicine will not judge him to be too amoral to practice. After all, Arlo Gutherie's littering conviction left the government wondering if he was moral enough to serve in the Army.

  3. Was this prosecutor kin to Dean Wormer in Animal House? Barry could be put on double secret probation.

  4. I'm in jail now. This is my one email. You now get one phone call & one email. No bail was set b/c the court though I was too dangerous. Hey, I'm in here with mother rapers, father rapers, litterers, & frankly I'm scared. If possible send me a cake with a file. No jail can hold me!

  5. They have metal detectors at jails, don't they? Never fear, I have one of those glass nail files that I can bake into a cake for you. Of course, you will have to use the flat side of the file on the jail bars, so it could take a while for you to get out.

  6. Barry, Lee Roy and I always knew you were a rebel! But remember that when you take a shower in jail and drop your bar of soap DO NOT bend over to pick it up! We are willing to start an OCCUPY MANSFIELD chapter to rant our displeasure at your incarceration!!!

  7. This cracks me up!! So sorry to hear about Dad's permanent record. How will I explain this to my children?

  8. So, what was the verdict or is it continued til tomorrow? I am hoping for a favorable outcome....he isn't really in jail, is he? Those little animals need him!