Monday, November 14, 2011

My Brain Runneth Over

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough (thank you, Barry) to attend a photography workshop taught by Me Ra Koh. I first saw her on Nate Berkus and loved how she actually did shots that I felt were achievable by an average photographer.  So for the past couple of days twenty two other ladies and I have been soaking up her knowledge and confidence. ( Her workshops are only for women. Girl Power!)

We practiced photographing babies and families. I found the babies the hardest. But, maybe that shouldn't come as a surprise as I found raising babies the hardest. Here are a few of the family shots I took.  Keep in mind that one of the things I learned from this workshop is that I have a lot to learn.

 So, family and friends, be forewarned. I WILL be practicing on you.


  1. I think they're great shots!

    Also, if you always post all of your pics in minature, everyone will have to say they're good so they don't have to admit their eyes are bad. I like your tactics. Hehe.

  2. Can't wait to pose for you! Great pictures.

  3. The Pictures are great! I'm putting you to work. I just hope you make enough to support me in the manner I am accustom to..... Wait I just thought of something. If you get too good at photography and start a successful business or regular appearances on the Nate Berkus show...who will take care of me? Maybe you should put away that camera!

  4. Thanks, all. Yes, Michelle, there is a method to my madness. Miniatures show fewer flaws. Actually, posting them that small was a total screw up.
    Welcome to my world!